Full Heating Repair and Installations


Don’t risk a failing heating system dead in the middle of winter. You do not want to wake up for work in the freezing cold with a broken heating system. This can cause your family to suffer and a loss of time at work. Stay ahead of any issues this winter and contact Superior Services. We are currently servicing Old Bridge and  Perth Amboy with professional, up to date heating services to keep families warm this winter. Don’t wait, contact us before it’s too late.

Furnace, Boiler, Water Heater Repair and Installation

It’s imperative to stay on top of your boiler’s, furnace’s and water heater’s maintenance schedules and check-ups to avoid any problems. The best way to prevent any issues is through preventative maintenance. You can call Superior Services any day of the week for more information about what we can do to help your family stay warm this winter.

Chimney Sweeping, Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your chimney maintained and cleaned of any debris is just as important as staying up to date with your heating systems. Fires are caused by neglecting the health of your chimney and not maintaining it correctly. Prevent fires this winter and give your family the warmth they deserve. Call us today. We are also available for emergency services 24/7.